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Update from Salt Monsters...

We're wrapping up development on our minting website. There's lots going on. NFTs, Coins, Games, and more... Our first game is in development as well. We tested the other day and decided to add more levels. Thanks for your patience. Stay tuned!


NFT Game Development in Progress

Hello @everyone! It's Tuesday, June 21, 2022 and it was a nice day on the Outer Banks! We're busy working on our new nft games utility for Salt Monsters NFT Collection #1. If you haven't heard about our project yet, it will be 5k unique Salt Monster NFTs on Cardano blockchain. The nfts will be available on our new minting website marketplace (in development now) soon! Check out our roadmap for dates and more information. Our nfts will have allow holders to play our games. Two games are currently in development. Stay tuned.

Happy Friday Salt Monsters

Happy Friday everyone! We had a very busy week here at Salt Monsters. There are lots of things going on. Our new NFT Mint Marketplace website development is making progress! We're also busy adding two more levels to our first NFT Game. Our token graphics are complete. We will share in the near future. Check out Sneak Peaks on Discord. Our marketing folks are active on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord and are busy spreading the word.  Thanks to everyone for helping us grow! Stay Salty my friends!

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Ghost Rider x Joker NFT Fan Art + Busy Day at Salt Monsters

Check out this cool Ghost Rider x Joker x Salt Monster GIF! LFG!!

It's a very busy day at Salt Monsters. We had a nice Twitter Colab Promotion with CNFT Guide. Our web developers are busy working on our new minting website marketplace. Our NFT game developers are busy adding more levels to our first NFT game. We have been testing level one is house. No one has beat it yet lol. Our Discord, Twitter, and Instagram marketers are busy growing our brand and spreading awareness. LFG!

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